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Hermes Birkin Handbags don’t just say you’re somebody, they say that you’re somebody special, somebody important, somebody with an immaculate sense of fashion. Every woman wants to own something that sets her apart, that reflects the beauty within. Every woman wants to make a fashion statement that shows she’s special. Owning a Hermes designer handbag is more than a symbol, it’s every fashionable woman’s dream. Owning a brand new Hermes Birkin 35CM Gold Handbag like this one is more than a dream, it’s a fantasy come true. Some of the handmade designer Birkin’s have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. We offer free shipping upon payment and have all documentation and original tags. Guaranteed to be a 100% Authentic Hermes handbag, just like you’d buy from Hermes directly or in any fine boutique. There’s a craftsman stamp P for authentication. It’s a lovely beige and earth tone with silver metal hardware. This piece comes with an elegant lock and 2 keys, a key fob, and a protective dust cover. Any accepted bid over the rock bottom listed bid will receive a wallet with box and cover. Hermes Bags are one of a kind, just like you.


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